MAME Content Manager
Designed and programmed by Douglas Good

Current version: 2.0 Final
Released January 17, 2005

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What is MAME Content Manager (MCM)?
It's a simple program that makes it easy to control what types of ROMs you keep on your PC.  MCM lets you easily rename or delete all MAME ROMs and data files by category - Adult, Quiz, Mahjong, Puzzle, etc.

New in version 2.0 - not only ROM files, but Snapshots, Flyers, Marquees, Cabinets, and Title Snaps can be weeded out with MCM.  An easy to use interface now guides you through the whole process, making content management easy.

Adult Games in MAME?
YES!  As of MAME 0.90 there are over 300 games that contain either nudity or sexually suggestive material.  Most parents don't want to have their young kids subjected to these types of games.  MCM will allow you to eliminate the Adult games, ensuring that the young'uns won't accidentally stumble across them.

MCM gives you control over your ROM collection.
By allowing you to eliminate any category of ROMs or data files, MCM gives you the power to quickly and easily clean up your MAME games.  You can select which of the types of games you want to get rid of, and how you want to do it (delete the files completely, or just rename them so MAME won't use them).  And, MCM allows you to edit the list of specific titles before you clean house.  It's not an "all or nothing" deal - you can elect to keep specific titles around if you want.  MCM gives you flexibility.

What if I don't run Windows on my Arcade PC?
MCM is a Windows program, and requires Windows to run, BUT -- it has an option to create a DOS batch file that will allow you to delete/rename ROMS on a DOS based PC..  I built in this option because there are a lot of people running MAME on a DOS box in a cabinet.  They can use MCM on a Windows machine to create a batch file that can be copied to a floppy and run on their DOS machines.  The whole batch creation process takes just a few seconds - it's much faster than trying to weed out specific games by hand. 

Is MCM free?  Is it copyrighted?  Can I sell it to make money off your hard work?
Yes. Yes. No.

Do you update MCM each time a new version of MAME is released?
No.  I designed MCM to use INI files that list all the games in MAME.  The best one to use is a called MCM.INI.  It was created by Max Hutchinson, and is designed specifically for MCM.   It allows you to sort ROMS based on genre, country, and a number of other categories.  You can download the latest version of MCM.INI from the Retroblast download page.

And older, less featured INI file is Catver.ini.  Catver.Ini is updated each time a new version of MAME is released.   Catver.Ini doesn't have all the categories that MCM.ini does, but it will allow you to remove Adult themed roms, as well as some generic categories of roms. You can download the latest Catver.Ini file from

Where can I download MAME Content Manager?
Right here!