What is MAME Content Manager Plus (MCM Plus) ?
  It's a simple program that makes it easy to control what types of ROMs you keep on your PC. MCM Plus lets you easily rename or delete all MAME ROMs and games files by category - Adult, Quiz, Mahjong, Puzzle, etc.
Supported emulators: MAMEHBMAME, UME.

MCM Plus is not an update for MCM 2.0. It's written from scratch based on Doug's work!

    Adult Games in MAME ?
  YES! There are tons of games that contain either nudity or sexually suggestive material.  Most parents don't want to have their young kids subjected to these types of games. MCM Plus allows you to eliminate the Adult games, ensuring that the young'uns won't accidentally stumble across them.

    MCM Plus gives you control over your ROM collection.
  By allowing you to eliminate any category of ROMs or game files, MCM Plus gives you the power to quickly and easily clean up your MAME games. You can select which of the games types you want to get rid of, and how you want to do it (delete the files completely, or just rename them so MAME won't find them).
  And, MCM Plus allows you to edit the list of specific titles before you clean house. It's not an "all or nothing" deal - you can choose to keep specific titles around if you want. MCM Plus is about flexibility.

    What if I don't run Windows on my Arcade PC?
  MCM Plus is a Windows program, and requires Windows to run (Windows XP or newer). You must find a way to run MCM Plus without accessing Windows. Thru file shortcuts perhaps ? Or maybe make MCM Plus load at Windows boot.

    Is MCM Plus free ?  Is it copyrighted ?  Can I sell it to make money off your hard work ?
  Yes. Yes. No... is that a trick question ?!!

    Do you update MCM Plus each time a new version of MAME is released ?
  No. I designed MCM Plus to parse folders settings from MAME's config files, mame.ini, hbmame.ini, ume.ini. Games list is parsed from MAME's -listxml output and categories list is build from category.ini or catver.ini.

    I want to use Doug's MCM 2.0. I don't need this fancy rewrite. Where is it ?
  The old page is right here.

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